House Springs Animal Clinic, PC

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House Springs, MO 63051


We are pleased to offer on-line ordering for your pets' needs...
Available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!   


Advantages of ordering with House Springs Animal Clinic:
There are many important advantages to on-line ordering with House Springs Animal Clinic, rather than other on-line pharmacies:

1.  We know your pets and have their medical record on file for our review.  If we find something that you should be aware of about your pet's health, we'll let you know. 
2.  You are receiving a safe product.  Most on-line pharmacies have been put on probation at one time or other for using illegal products, expired products, and fake products.  Most on-line pharmacies do not purchase from the manufacturer.  They bribe veterinarians to do their buying for them. 
3.  Most of our prices are in the same price range as other on-line pharmacies. 

A Few Requirements for Ordering:

In order for you to place your order, your pet must meet these requirements:

Have a physical examination by one of the veterinarians at House Springs Animal Clinic within the past 12 months.

If you are ordering heartworm preventive medication, your pet must have a current negative heartworm test on file here at the clinic.
Please let us know if there's a product/drug thats not in the catalog.  Chances are we can add it to the catalog for you. 

As of July 18, 2016, our online pharmacy/store is no longer accessed through your petportal.  Click on the "Home Delivery" link below or on the home page to get started.  You will have to register to set up your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.